University students’ Reliability on the News of Kurdish Online Newspapers

A Field study

  • Omar A. Ramazan Department of Media, Faculty of Social Sciences, Sulimani University, Kurdistan Region, Iraq
Keywords: Theory of Accreditation‎, University Youth‎, Electronic press‎, News


This research aims to explore the range of reliability of university undergraduates on the news published on online newspapers and its impact achieved by this accreditation. To accomplish this, the research adopts the analytical survey methodologies through questionnaires forms as well as using statistical methods experimenting their interrelationships. The study population consists of university youth (University of Sulaimani - college of Languages). The sample of the survey depends on random sampling, (10%) of the study population has been selected to be the sample of the research that is to say (131) out of the total number of (1310) students. Which allows the division of the community according to the ratios.The distribution of the sample based on the proportion of the students in varies departments of the college. The study concludes with most important results such as: The first reason that the students of (university of Sulaimani – college of languages) do not rely on Kurdish online newspapers is the lack of objectivity in their contents, therefore these students still mainly rely on newspapers and other medium as source of news. The study validates the alternatives; that there is a correlation between statistical significance between the demographic variables of university undergraduates and their reliability on the news published in the Kurdish online newspapers. The study also proves that there is a significant interrelationship between the students‌ reliability on the news to expand their knowledge about current issues. The study concludes with several recommendations and suggestions, such as: Kurdish e-newspapers should broad their topic contents in various issues and event and avoid praising authorities and government officials. Noting the reasons of unreliability of the respondents on the news that published in Kurdish online newspapers, and try to publish Trustworthy news. Under interest in public researches and use the outcome of this study.


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