Autobiographical and Cultural Influences in F. Scott ‎Fitzgerald's ‘Tender is the Night’‎

Keywords: Fitzgerald, Autobiographical, Philosophical, Dick diver, Nicole


Like most of his contemporaries of the American men of letter who spent long years as expatriates in Europe, F. Scott Fitzgerald's most works are influenced by either autobiographical elements or some philosophical, scientific and historical sources, which are put together in terms of "cultural elements". The main sources and material of Fitzgerald's fictional works in general and in ‘‘Tender is the Night’’ in particular are those of autobiographical and cultural influences that played major roles in setting the environments, delineating the characters and suggesting the themes of his works. The present paper sheds light on the autobiographical influences on Fitzgerald's ‘‘Tender is the Night’’ besides the impact of the writer's readings in history, philosophy and poetry in making and shaping this novel.

Key words: Fitzgerald, autobiographical, philosophical, Dick Diver, Nicole.


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