Mobil Marketing Relationship with Young Users

An Exploratory Study of a Sample of Consumers in Erbil Governorate

  • Bushra A. Zainal Department of Business Administrtion, Cihan University-Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq
Keywords: Mobile Marketing, Young Consumers, Internet, Promotions


This study aims to identify the concept of mobile marketing because it is one of the most important topics that are usually skipped by our organizations because most of them still work in the traditional way. the main goal is to measure the relationship between mobile marketing and young consumers using statistical analysis tools. This study is important because it deals with one of the vital topics today, namely: How to enable the use of mobile marketing in our environment and its relationship to the acceptance by young consumers of modern marketing techniques. To achieve the aims of the study, 87 questionnaires were distributed to a random sample of mobile phone users, after that the questionnaire were analyzed to find the results on the SPSS program and the relationship between each of the study variables was tested. The research problem can be summarized with the following research questions: Do all young consumers feel satisfied with the ongoing mobile marketing ads shown on their mobile phones? Do mobile marketing ads help consumers make the right buying decision? Do mobile marketing ads help consumers make the right buying decision? Do mobile marketing ads persuade young consumers to change their purchasing decision from one product to another? The study ended with a set of conclusions, the most important of which is the existence of a moral relationship between mobile marketing and young consumers. Based on the findings of the study, a set of recommendations make, the most important of which is the necessity of all companies' interest in building a satisfactory mobile advertising infrastructure, because mobile phones are the easiest way to keep in touch with consumers today. Businesses need to use reliable advertisements that are shown to their target consumers accompanied by real experiences in using the product or service.


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