F. Scott Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night

Cons and Pros of the Narrative Method and Technique

  • Raad S. Rauf Biology Department-Cihan University-Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq
Keywords: Fitzgerald, Narrative methods and technique, Tender is the night, Dick diver, Nicole


Most critics tackle Fitzgerald's works thematically, whereas what distinguishes his fictional narratives is his magnificent style, suggestive language and innovative narrative methods and techniques. This is quite evident in The Great Gatsby and other pieces like The Last Tycoon, "The Mountain as Big as the Ritz", the autobiographical piece The Crack Up, etc. Tender is the Night is among these masterpieces which is our major concern in this paper. Yet still, this novel witnessed some controversial issues in its narrative technique and method. The study of the narrative method and technique in Tender is the Night has no less significance in the literary world than it has in The Great Gatsby. In fact, Fitzgerald mounted his artistic maturity and craftsmanship in this novel despite all the controversial issues that surrounded the novel's first publication. The present study sheds light on the cons and pros of the narrative technique and method in both versions of Tender is the Night with necessary reference to the development of the events in the novel.



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