The Relationship between Organizational Justice and Organizational Citizenship Behavior

Charity Organizations in Erbil in Iraq

Keywords: Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Organizational Justice, Charity Organization in Erbil/Iraq


The paper focuses on determining whether organizational justice has impact on the organizational citizenship behavior in charity organization in Erbil/Iraq. Correlation analysis analyzed (r =0.795**) was found between organizational justice and OCB, (r =0.424**) was found between Distributive and OCB (r =0.768**) was found between Procedural and OCB, (r =0.784**) e was found between Interactional and OCB. Simple Analysis concluded supported that there is linkage between organizational justice as an independent variable and OCB as a dependent variable (Adjusted R2 = 0.630, p <0.01). Multiple Regression Analysis concluded supported that there is linkage between dimensions of organizational justice as an independent variable as listed as Distributive, Procedural and Interactional with OCB as a dependent variable (Adjusted R2 = 0.654, p <0.05). Rely of the study outcome all hypotheses which are H1, H2, H3 and H4 were confirmed.


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