ISIS Crimes against Iraqi Minorities

Yazidis Rape

  • Ibrahim A. Abed Department of Law, Cihan University-Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq
Keywords: ISIS, Crimes, Yazidi, Rape, Responsibility


The Islamic State (ISIS) has committed crimes against Iraqi minorities, in particular against Yazidis. One of the crimes committed by (ISIS) is rape for two years which was planned for by this group, where there were thousands of cases and this is in violation of basic provisions of international law and human rights law. These crimes are dangerous and should be tackled and criminal evidence should be recorded and proved. Steps should be taken to capture (ISIS) perpetrators and they should be tried before international court. Despite that, the aftermath of these crimes should be addressed through legal, health, finance, and social procedures in order for the victims of rape to reintegrate with their society. 


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