A Face Recognition System Based on Principal Component Analysis-Wavelet and Support Vector Machines

Keywords: Face recognition, Feedforward backpropagation, Neural network and K-nearest neighborhood, Support vector machines


Face recognition can represent a key requirement in various types of applications such as human-computer interface, monitoring systems, as well as personal identification. In this paper, design and implement of face recognition system are introduced. In this system, a combination of principal component analysis (PCA) and wavelet feature extraction algorithms with support vector machine (SVM) and K-nearest neighborhood classifier is used. PCA and wavelet transform methods are used to extract features from face image using and identify the image of the face using SVMs classifier as well as the neural network are used as a classifier to compare its results with the proposed system. For a more comprehensive comparison, two face image databases (Yale and ORL) are used to test the performance of the system. Finally, the experimental results show the efficiency and reliability of face recognition system, and the results demonstrate accuracy on two databases indicated that the results enhancement 5% using the SVM classifier with polynomial Kernel function compared to use feedforward neural network classifier.


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