Occupational Exposures and Associated Health Effects among Dumpsite Workers

A Case Study of Kany Qrzhala Landfill Site, Erbil, Iraq

  • Tanya S. Salih Department of General Biology, Cihan University-Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq
  • Ameena S. M. Juma Department of General Biology, Cihan University-Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq
  • Muhsin H. Ubeid Department of General Biology, Cihan University-Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq
Keywords: IgE and Allergy, Immunological factors, Dumpsite workers, Complete Blood Count, Syphilis and Hematological factors


Eighty-nine male workers from the landfill site in (Kany Qrzhala), Erbil, Iraq, aged from 12-65 years were investigated in this study. Each one had filled out a questionnaire sheet. Plus, a 7 ml of venous blood samples were collected from them. Total IgE and Syphilis antibodies were detected. Thus, CBC was conducted on each sample. The results recorded 92.13% of the workers lived in rural areas, while 7.87% lived in urban areas. Further, there were 58.43% smokers and 41.57% non-smokers. Furthermore, the research sample contained 38.20% single, and 61.80% married people. As education illustrated, 37.08% had no schooling, primary school education 40.45%, less than 20% had secondary school education, 2.25% acquired a diploma, and a B.Sc. degree. The serum concentration of total IgE of dumpsite workers revealed a significant increase when compared to the healthy group. None of the workers' sera revealed Syphilis antibodies except one case which was positive; however, it shows non-significant difference between both groups. WBC count was soared significantly in dumpsite workers when compared to the healthy individuals, yet, lymphocyte and granulocyte numbers showed non-significant increment, while monocyte number showed an insignificant rise in workers as compared to healthy group. The number of RBC's and Hb level of the Landfill workers exhibited a substantial increase. Even though, both groups' platelets did not show significant variance. The rise in WBC counts and IgE levels may be due to the exposure of these workers to allergens at the dumpsites as for allergies are the common consequence when exposed to waste and garbage.


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