Estimating Factors Affecting the Sustainable Environmental Development

  • Ali Sh. Ahmed Department of Accounting, Cihan University-Erbil, Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq
Keywords: Environment, Development, Sustainable Environmental Development


An issue of Sustainable Environmental Development has occupied a wide range of interests of researchers and economists in some developing countries. The environmental issues are tightly linked to the development policies and the environmental grasp is no longer a matter of social welfare, but rather is a matter of economical; social and human dimensions. The research displays a concept of sustainable development, then estimating the impact of two variables: the economic development and the bio-ecological system on the sustainable development of some countries, including Iraq according to the fact that “increasing demand for foods and products in these countries has led them towards the intensive usage of natural resources which has, eventually, impairs the rates of development and contributes in the deterioration of bio-ecological system and impairs the sustainable development. The results of the analysis showed that the environmental ecosystem variable has a greater impact on sustainable environmental development than the economic development variable, which means that the environmental situation of some countries, especially the developing countries, continue to deteriorate, requiring all specialists and governments to make efforts to preserve the ecosystem for future generations.


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