Some Immunological and Hematological Parameters among Refugees in Kawergosk Camp – Erbil Governorate

Keywords: Eosinophil count, hemoglobin, immunoglobulin E, iron, refugees, white blood cell count


The study included 258 Syrian refugees of different ages and sex and another 60 volunteers as control group (C.G). These refugees were in Kawergosk camp in Erbil Governorate. Blood was collected from each individual for the estimation of white blood cell (WBC), eosinophil, iron, hemoglobin (Hb), and immunoglobulin E (IgE) levels. Mean serum levels of IgE among male and female refugees showed highly significant increasing when compared to C.G. Most of the refugees had normal iron levels, where iron concentrations were more than 65 mg/dl among 67 males and more than 50 mg/dl among 104 females and 48 children, while some had iron deficiency in which the majority were female (9 males, 24 females, and 6 children had iron deficiency). In addition, Hb concentrations were normal among 65 males (more than 13.0 g/dl), 89 females (more than 11.0 g/dl), and 48 children (more than 12.0 g/dl). However, anemia was found among 8 men, 42 women, and 6 children. It was revealed that there was a highly significant rising in eosinophils in male and female refugees in comparison to C.G. WBC count is non-significantly slightly increased in both male’s and female’s refugees when compared to C.G.


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